Strike Ballot

March 1983

March 83 Ballot Results

Results of March 1983 NUM national strike ballot. Source: David Amos, PhD research 

It's a NO vote

Newspaper column: ‘It’s a ‘No’ vote from the miners’. Results of the NUM national strike ballot, March 1983. Source: Notts Free Press.

It’s a ‘no’ vote from the miners

As Notts miners’ leaders were forced to acknowledge defeat at the polls with an estimated 70-30 No vote on Wednesday, General Secretary Henry Richardson warned a rapid reduction of manpower in the Notts area was now a certainty.


Right up to the eleventh hour, president Ray Chadburn had hoped for a national victory. ‘Even if the Notts vote is split 50-50, I hope the NUM get a ‘yes’ vote nationally. The ‘no’ vote is pure speculation and I can only hope it’s wrong.’