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M2Me have developed engaging digital content for local schools and colleges

Mine2Minds Education

We are a not-for-profit community interest organisation supporting digital arts and humanities in former mining communities

Established by Historian Dr David Amos and Digital Producer Paul Fillingham, Mine2Minds offer education and training support to people of all ages across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and South Yorkshire; areas that have been adversely affected by structural unemployment due to the process of deindustrialisation.

Coal, Community and Change Exhibition Team

Paul Fillingham, Dr Natalie Braber and Dr David Amos designed the Coal, Community and Change exhibition in 2019, supported by Nottingham Trent University’s Global Heritage Fund.

Community Education and Outreach

Mine2Minds Education (M2Me) work closely with local schools, colleges and universities to support impactful research projects and community outreach activities. Our seminars, workshops and training increase cultural awareness, improve digital skills and bring about positive change. M2Me activities are delivered through libraries, community centres, museums, schools, colleges as well as online.

We have successfully transferred our heritage and learning activities to commercial spaces such as pubs, hotels and tourist venues. These public events have proved highly popular and are seen as an opportunity for wider engagement, increasing awareness and sharing what can be challenging and sometimes contentious subject matter.

People looking at mining exhibits in Bilsthorpe Heritage Centre

M2Me have supported public events at Bilsthorpe heritage centre; a highly successful repository for mining memorabilia and storytelling, managed by local volunteers

Digital inclusion

It is estimated that over 9 million people in the UK lack the necessary skills to use the internet without assistance. 5.4 million lack even basic skills of being able to switch on a digital device. (Source: Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2020). Former mining communities within the East Midlands suffer from very low levels of digital inclusion.

Graph showing nine stage digital inclusion scale

The UK Digital Inclusion scale illustrates the digital competency of candidates when developing transactional websites. ‘Our objective is to engage users with low scores and to improve their score over time’. – Paul Fillingham.

In a Nationwide survey comparing health, crime, economic and educational achievement in 324 towns and cities, Mansfield was in 299th place, Ashfield came 245th whilst Nottingham was ranked even lower in 316th place. (Source: based on ONS data Sept 2019, updated May 2020). Our focus on cultural heritage mediated by technology helps build a sense of purpose and transferable skills in areas that have weathered decades of under-funding and structural unemployment. 


Still image from Snap Tin movie. Part of the History of Coal Mining in Ten Objects project

Snap Tin (the movie) from ‘A History of Coal Mining in 10 Objects’ was shot at Caphouse Colliery with young film-makers. This collaboration with the University of Nottingham delivered several successful outcomes, including a screening at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

Student Projects

Mine2Mine partners, David and Paul have worked together since 2013. Their first collaboration ‘A history of Coal mining in 10 objects’ was part of an outreach initiative by the Universities of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. This project brought together retired mineworkers, their families, student filmmakers and academic researchers, establishing a platform for future projects which combines community events with IT training, digital media, print and exhibitions.


Paul Fillingham presenting at the Tin Hat Centre, Selston

Paul Fillingham presents ‘A History of Coal Mining in 10 Objects’ to a community group at the Tin Hat Centre, Selston. Part of the DH Lawrence (literary) Festival which is held annually in Eastwood and the surrounding area.


M2Me offer a range of community training courses that are suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced candidates. We work with young people and older age groups and encourage inclusiveness, knowledge exchange and understanding between cohort groups.

Beginners courses

Our beginners courses are designed to help digitally excluded groups get started with the online basics, learning how to get the most from internet search engines, mobile devices, free online tools and social media.

Intermediate training

Intermediate training sessions offer technical and editorial guidance on internet blogging platforms like WordPress to enable groups to work collaboratively and to communicate confidently and effectively with the wider community.

Advanced workshops

Our advanced workshops are geared towards users who are familiar with the basics but want to take their skills to the next level. Our tried and tested design thinking and strategic planning workshops help develop ideas and compelling content that has the power to inspire communities, encourage wider media interest, and attract funding from government, academic and commercial sources. 

Bespoke training

We can tailor training courses to suit your needs. We have assisted local history groups, cultural, voluntary and educational organisations in the design and delivery of community training courses. Talk to us about your specific requirements.



Advice and Consultancy

We offer expert advice, consultancy and support to academics, broadcasters, tourism, government and research organisations who wish to engage in meaningful and impactful ways with local people.

Young artist displaying her illustration for the Miners of Caribbean Origin exhibition poster

M2Me have supported research and volunteers connected with many heritage projects including Miners of Caribbean Origin, which featured former mineworkers from Gedling Colliery.

Professional Support

We have assisted many groups and individuals with mining heritage projects. Including;  Inspire Libraries, Ripley Heritage Trust, BBC East Midlands TV, BBC Radio Nottingham, Centre for Hidden Histories, University of Nottingham, Nottingham News Centre, Kidology Arts, BBC Radio 4, Whitehead Media, Dr Natalie Braber (Nottingham Trent University), Dr Robert Bradley (Mining Historian), NTU School of Arts and Humanities) Miner2Major Project, XP School (Doncaster), Russell Press, Kimberley Historical Society, Costa Coffee, Notts County Council – Adult and Community Learning Service, Ashfield District Council, Kirkby Heritage Centre, Kirkby Living Memory Group, South Derbyshire Miners Preservation Society, Pleasley Pit Trust, DH Lawrence Heritage, DH Lawrence Society, National Coal Mining Museum for England (NCMME) Union of Democratic Mineworkers, Eastwood Collieries Male Voice Choir, and many more…


Thinkamigo video cameraman prepares retired mining surveyor Robert Bradley for an interview at Bestwood Colliery Winding Engine House

M2Me’s production partner Thinkamigo prepares for an interview with former mining surveyor Robert Bradley at Bestwood Colliery Winding Engine House.

Dr David Amos assists Ilkeston-born Robert Lindsay for the filming of 'Living in 66'

Dr David Amos assists Ilkeston-born Robert Lindsay, as the actor returns to his working class roots in BBC TV’s ‘Living in 66’.


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