Rally Call / Fears for Ashfield pits

July 1983

Rally Call over Closures

Newspaper Headline: ‘Rally Call Over Pit Closures’, 1st July 1983. Source: Notts Free Press 

Rally Call over Closures

Fear for Future of Local Pits Source: Chad, Kirkby News, 30th June 1983. 

‘Rally Call Over Pit Closures’

‘TALK – not strike was the rallying call on Wednesday from NUM official Roy Link in the midst of the latest row over pit closures which has once again cast a shadow over hundreds of Ashfield jobs’.


‘Fears that Ashfield pits could face the axe’

NCB Chairman, Norman Siddall, said the coal industry’s priorities were to cut heavy losses by efficently producing all the coal it could sell and phasing out surplus output from high cost, low productivity pits.