General Election 83

June 1983

General Election Results 1983

General Election Results for Ashfield, Bolsover and Mansfield, 10th June 1983. Source: Notts Free Press

‘It’s Labour’s Day’

‘Mansfield’s Don Concannon held on by the skin of his teeth after his majority slummed massively. But close behind Tory, Ricky Wrenn said it proved Mansfield Labour stronghold was no longer invincible and claimed there would be a day when Conservatives would win Mansfield’. Source: Notts Free Press



Margaret Thatcher at Selby Colliery, Source: The Coal authority

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visiting Selby Colliery, 14th March 1980. Source: The Coal authority

In June 1983, Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Government was re-elected with a 144 seat majority. The ‘Falklands Factor’ was influential in achieving Conservative gains against the other parties. Locally, Mansfield, Ashfield and Bolsover remained Labour seats as reported in the the Notts Free Press on 10th June 1983.


HMS Cardiff anchored outside Port Stanley, Falklands - Creative Commons: Ken Griffiths

HMS Cardiff at Port Stanley, Falklands, at the end of hostilities, 1st June 1982. Source: Creative Commons, Ken Griffiths.