Miners’ wives strike support group demonstration at Mansfield in 1984. Source: Mansfield Chad


Women were essential to mining communities. Not only were they miners’ wives, daughters and mothers, but they were an integral part of the industrial eco-system – maintaining the offices, canteens and medical centres. They also engaged in social activities and played a vital role in times of strife and hardship.


Entering data at the Berry Hill Computer Centre, Mansfield, in the 1960s. Source: Coal Authority

 Nursing Sister attending to injured miner after the end of a shift at Mansfield Colliery in the 1980s. Source: Mansfield Chad

Coal Queen with Nottinghamshire miners in 1975. Source: Mansfield Chad

Colliery rail excursion in 1972 at Edwinstowe Station. Closed to regular passenger services in 1955 the line remained open to serve local collieries. Source: Mansfield Chad

Women’s support rally in Mansfield during the Coal Crisis (October 1992 – March 1994) – caused by a fall in demand for coal, privatisation of electric power generation and the ‘dash for gas’. Source: Mansfield Chad