‘The Blue Line and Beyond’: DH Lawrence Museum, Eastwood during August 2019.

Title: ‘The Blue Line and Beyond: An up to date view of the world of DH Lawrence’.

Description: Photographic exhibition of iconic images of Eastwood and the immediate area with a DH Lawrence theme. Many of the images relate to the strong coalmining heritage links with the Eastwood area e.g. Brinsley Headstocks, Eastwood Hall, Durban House and the Breach House.

Date: 1st – 11th October 2019  – extended exhibition date.

Venue: DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum, 8a Victoria Street, Eastwood, NG16 3AW.

Cost: The Exhibition is free to attend.

Further Details: https://www.lleisure.co.uk/events/blue-line-and-beyond/

Event Organisers: Beauvale Photographic Group in conjunction with Leisure Liberty.

Created in rebel county by Thinkamigo
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