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The Rise and Fall of King Coal by Nick Pigott

Book review on ‘The Rise and Fall of King Coal’ by Nick Pigott, a new hardback edition bringing the history of British coal mining right up to date. Published by Mortons Media Group.

Gedling Colliery: The Pit of Nations (1899 – 1991).

Gedling Colliery, in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield, closed thirty years ago in November 1991. Locally, it was known as the ‘Pit of Nations’ because of its very diverse workforce from the 1950’s onwards.

A Brief History of Annesley Colliery (1865 – 2000)

A brief account of the colliery’s intriguing 135 year old history (1865-2000). Known locally as being as a ‘Family Pit’, it was the last deep mine to operate in the NCB South Nottinghamshire Area.

Bagworth Colliery – 30th anniversary of Closure

End of an Era for Leicestershire Coal Mining – Bagworth Colliery closure 30 years on. Production at the last deep coal mine in the north west Leicestershire coalfield finished in February 1991.

Pit Canaries: End of an Era

Twenty-Fifth anniversary of the end of a proud coal mining tradition, the end for pit canaries. Traditionally used for testing for whitedamp (CO) and blackdamp, they were replaced by the ‘electronic canary’.

Banners and Beyond: New Booklet

‘Banners and Beyond’ considers how Notts’ mining communities found expression in union banners at galas, public events and demonstrations, and how this art-form is still used in the post-industrial age.

When Ormonde Shuts

Commemoration Blog about Ormonde Colliery, the last Derbyshire pit in the Erewash Valley, which closed fifty-years ago on 25th September 1970 marking the ‘End of an Era’.

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