Fig. 1: Photograph session at the Coal Authority Records Office, Mansfield, in 2019.  Photo Credit: Paul Fillingham 

Mine-Craft the Prequel: The Photographic Story of East Midlands Coal. 

‘Looking after your Photograph Collections’: On-Line Workshop

‘Looking after your Photograph Collections’, a free on-line workshop as part of the pilot project ‘Mine-Craft the Prequel: The Photographic Story of East Midlands Coal’ at Nottingham Trent University, takes place on the morning of 16th July 2021. The Workshop will be presented by Sarah Chubb from the Derbyshire Record Office via Microsoft Teams and  includes the following subject areas;


  • Physical care of photographs (packaging, where to store, wearing gloves etc.)


  • Documenting where photos have come from (i.e. knowing who owns them and what rights you have over them)


  • Mechanisms for capturing metadata (spreadsheets / databases, minimum fields to use)


  • Describing photographs (resources to help date photographs, ensuring consistency in description, date formats etc., considering what information to record and potential research use – Black miners etc.)


  • Planning a digitisation programme (why digitisation isn’t necessarily the answer to all problems, being clear about the purpose of digitisation, being selective, copyright, need to have technical skills and knowledge, considerations about long term management of digital images)


People wishing to take part in the on-line workshop should forward their e-mail address to Prof. Natalie Braber at Nottingham Trent University at  by 9th July 2021.  Participants do not need Microsoft Teams installed on their PC’s to take part, entry will be via a link e-mailed to them prior to the event.


Posted by David Amos

Researcher Associate

Mine-Craft the Prequel coalmining heritage project.

27th June 2021.


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