Culture in Quarantine – Virtual Reality (VR) gallery brings Coal Community and Change exhibition to the home

Virtual Coal exhibition now open

Mining culture goes online in response to COVID-19

With social distancing closing arts venues, libraries and museum venues around the globe. Nottingham Trent University’s plan to roll out a community version of the popular Coal Community and Change exhibition in the early part of 2020 was put on-hold.

‘These are challenging times for our communities, our arts venues, libraries and museums. Understandably, visitors can’t go to these places at the moment, so we’ve made our exhibition available online. Visitors can now enjoy this remarkable collection of photographs from the comfort of their armchair’.

Paul Fillingham, Research and design lead, Thinkamigo.


Exhibition curators, Paul Fillingham, Natalie Braber and David Amos at the opening of the Coal, Community and Change exhibition in 2019.

The virtual exhibition brings the entire collection of photographs to anyone equipped with a smart-phone, tablet or computer. 

Parents who are home schooling, members of the general public, residents in care homes, or anyone in lockdown will find something of interest in this exhibition which documents life in the East Midlands coal communities between 1965 and 2015.  


Exhibition poster for Coal, Community and Change.

The exhibition marks the closure of the last remaining collieries in the United Kingdom and doesn’t shy away from the contentious issues surrounding the miners’ strikes, presenting images and comment from both sides. Visitors can share comments via our social media channels and we will be adding further exhibition content during the lockdown, including audio, video and visitor feedback.

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